New year, how are you fairing?

Day nine of 2013, 356 to go. Not much has happened so far but it’s time to start focusing. Those of you getting married this year will no doubt have a lot of planning ahead of you – you’ve booked a venue, the dress has been ordered but the flowers haven’t been decided, you don’t know what your doing about the stationary or the cake yet.

Not to worry, get yourself off to a wedding fair and soak up some inspiration and speak to as many exhibitors as possible. The vendors are there to sell and you’re there to buy but you don’t have to rush into any snap decisions. Take the advice from these guys, they’ve done this before and most of them will have a vast amount of experience that you can learn from.

The big question is which show to attend. I’m trying to decide that myself. It’s always worth going to some of the local wedding shows, that’s the easy part but looking ahead and further afield I’m torn between two shows at the start of March. The National Wedding Show is a big one and it looks as though they’ve got lots to offer again this year on 1 – 3 March. On the 2 – 3 of March is an event that I haven’t seen before, the London Wedding Emporium (LWE). LWE is set in Brick Lane and the agenda is creativity, fun and individuality.

Decision time, 40 days to go – better get cracking.