First dance, first of many!

The First dance is romantic, after that it starts to get a little crazy and the good times roll, so don’t stop me now cos I’m having a good time.

“I’m a shooting star leaping thorough the skies, like a tiger defying the laws of gravity, I’m a racing car passing by like lady Godiva, I’m gonna go go go, there’s no stopping me” is the sound coming from the dance floor. Wedding guests with arms linked, legs kicking, singing along to the sound of queen bursting from the speakers… “I’m having a ball don’t stop me now”.

Hours ago, a seemingly civilised groups of people were making small talk across a table with friends, family and sometimes strangers as they tucked into a carefully considered three-course meal at the wedding breakfast. Shortly after, this same group of people sat and clapped politely as they encouraged the newly weds to cut the wedding cake, promptly followed by the first dance. I’m sure you will have witnessed how difficult it is to get people onto the dance floor to save the bride and groom from the solitary act of the first dance

That all changes, as it becomes hard to get people off the dance floor at the end of the evening. As the night grows old and darkness falls, it’s all change, the alcohol is flowing and it’s party time. The once restrained group of people enjoying a social event are now a menagerie of party animals, woof.

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