Two become three

Having met the cutest newborn ever, I’m looking forward to the next trip to photograph little baby Rosa. She was a bit tired on my initial visit but hopefully she’ll be in better spirits for her first full portrait shoot.

Rosa’s moma and papa got married just over a year and a half ago on bonfire night. Without going into too much detail, fireworks must have happened at some point because two became three and Rosa entered the world in February this year. It really was great visiting the new family of three at home surrounded by baby bottles, flowers and cards all celebrating the new arrival.

Spending time with the beautiful baby girl was difficult because she was exhausted (much like her parents) but I can’t wait for our next meeting so that we can’t get some lovely images and document the exciting first moments of her life.

For those of you planning a wedding, you had better start planning a little further ahead, marriage, first home and a baby seem to arrive in quick succession.

Baby Box

Birth Certificate

Baby R

Birds flying high portrait photography