Planning your wedding? Take a Bath, unwind and think about things differently!

Reportage wedding photography is very fashionable at the moment so take a look at my credentials as a reportage photographer.

In principal this is slightly different from my typical wedding or portrait photography but I have applied some of the same principals as photographing a wedding when on a recent assignment to the Rec, the home of Bath Rugby club.

It was a cold grey day, but a number of fans had made the journey to watch the open training session held by the club before the their 40 – 25 win against London Welsh. I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of Bath Rugby club so the win didn’t really do it for me but I did get chance to take some pictures of the autograph hunters and the details of the day.

Have a look at the shots below, although if you’re looking for inspiring wedding photographs, this blog might seem as though it isn’t for you, however, if you look closely you will see some similar techniques to those employed in my wedding photograph. The reportage style capturing people unaware is a key part of my photographic style, you’ll also notice some detail shots that help tell the story of the day.

Although one thing that I hope will be different is the weather.Tschornow Photography - the posters Tschornow Photography - signed poster Tschornow Photography - signed bath rugby ball Tschornow Photography - rugby ball Tschornow Photography - poster signing Tschornow Photography - flag signing Tschornow Photography - father and son Tschornow Photography - broken boot Tschornow Photography - both v london welsh programme Tschornow Photography - bath rugby ticket sales Tschornow Photography - ball signing

Tschornow Photography - bath rugby sign