Rain rain go away

It’s raining it’s pouring, forget about the old man and his snoring, you’re getting married and it’s going to be a wet wedding. The bright burning sun that you’d planned for hasn’t been delivered but don’t let that ruin your wedding day.

Let’s face it you’d probably fail a polygraph test if you’ve planned a summer wedding and you said that you wouldn’t be upset if it rained, but there’s a pretty good chance that it will. 2012 saw one of the wettest years on record with almost 13m of rain according to Met office figures, with the most rain falling in June. Surprisingly February and March have seen the least rain fall in the two previous years.

Moving your wedding to the beginning of the year won’t guarantee that you won’t have any rain either and if there is one certainty with a wedding in the first quarter of the year, ‘it ain’t gonna be sunny is it’. So what do you do? Be prepared for any eventuality – pray for sun plan for rain

If the rain is intermittent you’ll get chance to be outside and get some pictures in the beautiful grounds of the venue. Don’t forget it’s likely to be wet underfoot so take some wellington boots to wear under the dress to keep the wedding shoes clean and respectable. Nobody will see the wellies in the pictures, unless of course you want to make a feature of them.

If you look out of the window on the morning of the wedding and it is raining I’m sure you’ll be able to find a brolley to take with you but do you really want a mish mash of colours and styles appearing in the pictures. Rather than take a chance and using that old golf umbrella and the one you got free from the bank, make an investment in a set of white or clear wedding umbrellas that will look great in the photos or look for something that will match the colour theme.

Run for Cover
The wedding photographs are an important part of your future memories so when booking a venue consider whether or not there is a private area with a nice backdrop or somewhere outside that has a covering that the photographer can take you for some bride and groom shots?

I recently came across a video in which the wedding photographer had managed to stage a scene with the newly weds celebrating underneath umbrellas. He managed to ‘get the shot’ but at what cost – it was a truly miserable day and the bottom of the bride’s dress must have been soaking by the time she got back inside.

The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself and if you plan ahead I’m sure you will.

Yes the photographer got the shot but do you really want to be out in that kind of weather on your wedding day?


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