What is exactly is the difference between a holiday and a honeymoon? In reality not much, but in terms of experience quite a lot actually.

The strangest thing about the honeymoon is the realisation that you are married. I can’t explain what it feels like the day after your wedding, it’s weird – good weird but weird all the same. The day after my wedding my wife cried, and that was before I lost our bag containing both passports, all of our Euros and my camera.

The emotion of the previous day and the weeks of wedding preparation were overwhelming for both of us. When we arrived at our destination, the stunning Villa Sassolini in the Tuscan hills we had the most romantic time, it was bliss. Even though we already lived together it was amazing to spend some time together as man and wife, and the food service and setting were amongst some of the best we’ve ever enjoyed.

The trip my wife and I took Italy was actually our minimoon ahead of a bigger trip to Vietnam which consisted of a balance between exploration and relaxing poolside in 38 degree heat. For us Vietnam was the perfect location for our honeymoon, giving us the time to relax and explore a different culture in equal measures but in some ways Italy was more special. Getting to Italy is quicker and easier to get to but what made it so special were the moments immediately after the big day, husband and wife reflecting on recent memories of the wedding and planning a future together.

Fortunately we managed to find the lost bag with the money, passports and camera so have a look at some of the photographs that I managed to take and some other images to inspire your honeymoon planning.








The Ocean



Tschornoow Photography - Hoi An Belly

Tschornoow Photography - Hoi An Lantern Festival, Spooky Child

Tschornoow Photography - Old and young

Tschornow Photography - Family Lantern Vendors

Tschornoow Photography - Hue Dark Bikes

Tschornoow Photography - Mother and son no grain