The great unveiling

A wedding is a union between two people. A supporting cast come to witness the marriage between the loving couple, or is it a massive party to celebrate a woman wearing a big white dress.

Which ever way you look at it the dress certainly does play a pretty big part on the day, in the build up, and conversations after the event – “what type of dress do you think she’ll wear”, “that’s the most beautiful dress that I’ve ever seen”, “didn’t she look beautiful”.

I shouldn’t really complain about the cost of anything at my wedding especially as I didn’t pay for very much of it but I have to get this off my chest – the dress was the most expensive single item on the day. Seriously, it cost more than the venue, the catering, the Rolls Royce (including Andy the driver) and all of the men’s suits put together.

What if I’d suggested spending a few thousand pounds on a suit for myself? I can imagine where that would of got me and it wouldn’t have been a trip to Anderson & Sheppard.

So why does the bride get to buy a ridiculously expensive frock that she’ll only wear once before consigning it to a sealed bag in the wardrobe, praying that the moths don’t find it? Because she does. There is no reason, thems just the rules. I could explain that the tradition was made popular by Queen Victoria or that a wedding dress has a historical reference to the family of the bride’s social status but nobody cares.

The bottom line is this, most brides dream of a beautiful dress long before they’ve even reached puberty, let alone met Mr Right and said yes to the question posed on one knee. But in my experience one thing is true – all brides look amazing on their wedding day and whatever the reason is, the dress certainly helps.

Despite only wearing the dress once my wife still delights at the thought of her wedding dress one year after we were married. Whether it’s a Suzane Neville or a Jenny Packham, it doesn’t seem to matter, just make sure you find the right dress for you and enjoy the experience of finding The Dress.
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