Wedding Flowers

As a wedding photographer I’ve seen lots of different floral designs from holly in the winter to the Peony in the early summer. Seasonal availability plays a big part of the decision making and then it all comes down to personal taste. Some couples want the flowers to become a major part of the decoration at their wedding whereas other people opt for the more is less philosophy when choosing their wedding flowers.

The reason I picked these wedding flowers to show off in a blog post is because they were perfect for the venue. Taken at the Berkley Square Hotel in Bristol this chic little wedding venue is a cosy affair. With some of the smaller venues, the wedding benefits from have a simple wedding arrangement. I’m sure you’ll agree that these flowers look delightful.

If you recognise these images and were wondering where you’ve seen them before, you were either a guest at the wedding or you will have seen them at, where I have already showed them off.

Wedding Fairies Berkley Square-1-11Wedding Fairies Berkley Square-1-2Wedding Fairies Berkley Square-1-3Wedding Fairies Berkley Square-1-10Wedding Fairies Berkley Square-1-5Wedding Fairies Berkley Square-1-7Wedding Fairies Berkley Square-1-9Wedding Fairies Berkley Square-1