Wedding Details

As a wedding photographer my task is to tell the story of the day. Of course this means capturing all of the moments of the key moments, from the bridal preparation right the way up to the first dance but it isn’t limited to capturing the people. The details are important too.

There are the obvious details like the flowers or the wedding cake but there are so many little things that come together to tell the story of the day. ‘Reportage Wedding Photography’ is a bit of a buzz phrase at the moment but it summarises what you should expect from a wedding photographer – you don’t want 500 pictures that all consist of a line of people grinning at the camera, you want the candid moments when people aren’t aware of the lens and you want the little details, the gif from the groom to the bride, a little, the shoes and the makeup brushes to tell the complete story.

Here are a few examples of the details taken during at a wedding held at St Mary Redcliffe Church in Bristol

Off To wed Details-1-13Off To wed Details-1-3Off To wed Details-1-4Off To wed Details-1-5Off To wed Details-1-8Off To wed Details-1-9Off To wed Details-1-14Off To wed Details-1-10Berley Square Wedding (12 of 18)Off To wed Details-1-15