Picking a wedding photographer is easier than the shoes

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Wedding shoes are weird old thing aren’t they! Wedding planning is essentially a massive shopathon and the shoes are just another thing to add to this list of ‘things to buy’.

On top of buying a dress, some flowers a cake, the rings and a wedding photographer (of course), shoes are thrown into the mix. What’s strange about the wedding shoes is that it’s pretty unlikely that anybody will ever see them, right? Yet future brides are still hunting high and low trying to find the perfect pair of shoes for their wedding day. In contrast, men’s shoes will be seen all day long but involve far less planning and leafing through magazine pages and blog posts looking for wedding inspiration. Typically, it comes down to a well polished pair of oxfords – that’s it!

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The bride pays much more attention to detail, the colour, the shape and the fabric will all be considered. Comfort is usually an after thought with the aesthetic taking precedence.

The fact that the shoes won’t be so prominent means that as a bride you can pick out whatever you want. Have some fun with it, buy some fabulous Vivienne Westwood shoes that you might not otherwise have the confidence to wear. Jimmy Choo shoes often make an appearance at a wedding, especially for the bride looking for sophistication, and check out these gold numbers by Freya Rose for cool shoes.

One tip for choosing the right shoes is to find a pair that you like as early as possible. That way you can take them with you to the dress fittings and you’ve also got time to break them in at home so that they are comfortable once the wedding day arrives. However, no matter how much you wear-in the shoes before your wedding day, they are going to hurt after about 10 hours so bring a pair of flats along to wear on the dance floor.


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