Berwick Lodge Wedding Photography – Bristol


This wedding, was held at Berwick in Bristol was an absolute joy to shoot because the bride and groom were so relaxed.

Not a bridezilla in sight, this couple had an informal wedding ceremony and reception at Berwick Lodge (Bristol). An idyllic hideaway that is only minutes away from the M4 as the crow flies, although you wouldn’t know it, this 5 star hotel is set in a serene environment with it’s wooded surroundings.

The close proximity to the M4 and M5 is really handy for co-ordinating guests from the southwest, north, midlands, London or South Wales but we had a different use for the fast lane. It’s always great when the bride and groom are keen too try something slightly different with their wedding photographs and I was delighted when this couple were keen to use the motorway as a backdrop for some of their portraits.

This couple were impressively relaxed about their wedding planning which led to a relaxed atmosphere on the wedding day and it just goes to show that you can organise your wedding without any crazy antics, tears or freak-outs. The bridal bouquet was an impulse buy, the bride ordered it the week before the wedding.

Speeches were a last minute addition on request from the father of the bride and they sounded great. No PowerPoint presentations, props or embarrassing photographs made way for honest heartfelt words – don’t worry there was still some humour too.

The couple also chose not to have a first dance, however they did book a fantastic ska band at a later party. Have a look through the pictures and if you’re looking for a wedding photographer, drop me a line at

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