Burnham Beeches Hotel Wedding Photography

Jemma & Adam-370

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post for this website. I’ve either been writing content for OffToWed.com, photographing or editing weddings, but here I am, back again with a Buckinghamshire wedding that I shot back in March.

Travelling from my home in Bitton (between Bristol & Bath) this was always going to be a long day in principle, although it didn’t feel long because it was such a lovely wedding. Jemma & Adam are a really great couple with fantastic friends and family so it was a pleasure to shoot their wedding at the Burham Beeches Hotel.

The hotel is famed for previously hosting the England football team on a number of occasions but rugby was the order of the day as the wedding was held on six nations weekend with the Welsh guests crowded around phones to watch their team beat Ireland. I love capturing moments like theses – even though they’re not part of the wedding itself they do tell the story of the day and you have to record and remember every moment. It’s all about the detail.

I prefer to have an engagement shoot with the couple before the wedding so that the couple and I get to know each other because it can really help improve the shots, the bride and groom are relaxed and I know what they want from the couple portraits. Jemma and Adam were so relaxed it didn’t matter that we hadn’t had the opportunity for an engagement session, they put their trust in me and let me lead them. They were also confident about asking for specific shots that they wanted to achieve.

Having handed over the pictures I know they’re happy with the finished product. I hope you enjoy looking through these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Congratulations Jemma & Adam

Jemma & Adam-11Jemma & Adam-13Jemma & Adam-577Jemma & Adam-20Jemma & Adam-32Jemma & Adam-78Jemma & Adam-1Jemma & Adam-39Jemma & Adam-42Jemma & Adam-45Jemma & Adam-47Jemma & Adam-8Jemma & Adam-57Jemma & Adam-60Jemma & Adam-63Jemma & Adam-64Jemma & Adam-67Jemma & Adam-80Jemma & Adam-96Jemma & Adam-104Jemma & Adam-115Jemma & Adam-133Jemma & Adam-181Jemma & Adam-195Jemma & Adam-197Jemma & Adam-201Jemma & Adam-203Jemma & Adam-215Jemma & Adam-217Jemma & Adam-199Jemma & Adam-220Jemma & Adam-222Jemma & Adam-231Jemma & Adam-251Jemma & Adam-252Jemma & Adam-242Jemma & Adam-235Jemma & Adam-273Jemma & Adam-280Jemma & Adam-281Jemma & Adam-348Jemma & Adam-369Jemma & Adam-377Jemma & Adam-387Jemma & Adam-388Jemma & Adam-389Jemma & Adam-392Jemma & Adam-396Jemma & Adam-408Jemma & Adam-420Jemma & Adam-422Jemma & Adam-441Jemma & Adam-513Jemma & Adam-515Jemma & Adam-501Jemma & Adam-503Jemma & Adam-524Jemma & Adam-530Jemma & Adam-544Jemma & Adam-546Jemma & Adam-547Jemma & Adam-548Jemma & Adam-579


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