Mrs Bump – maternity photography


It’s hard to get around to taking photographs of friends and family. Sometimes I get to take them but then never edit them. This maternity shoot of my wife is the perfect example, it took 39 weeks to get around to taking these pictures.

Since moving out of Bristol, from Redland to Bitton village our options have been limited when it comes to eating out, trendy bars and sipping coffee. However, what we’ve gained instead is a local pub, farm shop and some stunning scenery. Taking advantage of the country walks through fields of long grass Mrs Tschornow and I took a short stroll to capture these bump photographs.

Have a look at the pictures to see what you think. Maternity, new-born and family photography echoes my approach to wedding photography, which is that I want to capture natural looking moments. There are a whole heap of crazy approaches to maternity photography including some gimmicks that distract from the natural beauty of a pregnancy bump.

Using the expectant mother or father’s hands to make a heart shape over the bump or tying a bow around the mother’s middle is great if you like that sort of thing but my approach was to capture the mother and bump in a more natural way. There is nothing more amazing that seeing one of the most incredible and natural things that a woman can do in her life. That’s why these pictures consist of a simple evening walk. Yes some of the pictures are staged (or posed) but in a very relaxed style way. What we’re left with is a set of pictures that record a moment in time and when the child is born (boy or girl), and is old enough to take an interest, he or she can look at these pictures, no gimmicks to distract from a lovely time in the life of its parents.

And waiting for our first child to be born is a lovely time in both our lives.