Baby Photographs (newborn – three months)



As a photographer you might expect me to have hundreds of baby portraits but I really don’t have as many as I should.

It might because I’m usually busy photographing a wedding, editing pictures or producing albums for brides and grooms. Or it could be because looking after a baby is a lot harder than I had ever expected. When it comes to taking pictures of my three-month-old daughter, I just don’t have the time. Decoding the cries of a baby take priority over photographing my little girl.

However, I have managed to take some baby portraits of Margot [Mar-go], when she was a newborn, again at nine weeks and also at three months and here they are.


Margot-3078 Margot-3077 Margot-3080 Baby Portrait Margot-5082 Margot-5124 Margot-5134 Margot-5229 Baby Photographs Three Months Margot-7531 Margot-7536 Margot-7541 Margot-7597 Margot-7640


These photographs were taken at home when I had a spare moment but if you’re interested in hiring me for a real shoot just give me a call on 07533 848 807 or email me at