Winter Wedding Styling with Wild About Flowers

Winter Wedding Floer Styling-10

It’s still winter wedding season don’t you know.


With Christmas and New Year firmly out of the way, as we hurtle towards valentine’s day and Easter with the support of supermarket merchandisers smashing us in the face with heart and egg shaped chocolates, it really is easy to start thinking spring. But with all these severe weather warnings being issued by the Met Office, cautioning against snow and ice and as the nights seem chillier than they’ve ever been we’re reminded that yes it is still winter. And yes it is still winter wedding season.


So with that in mind I thought I’d crack out some pictures that I took with the Keynsham based florist, Wild About Flowers. These pictures were originally published in Vow Magazine (a MediaClash title distribute in and beyond the Bristol and Bath region). You’ve guessed it these particular snaps have a cosy winter wedding feel to inspire brides getting married during the colder months.


With the lack of sun you loose the feeling of warmth on your skin and a great deal of daylight but what you gain is a freeing sense that comes from not having to worry about the weather for the months leading up to your big day. Who cares if it rains, you’ll be inside anyway.


So what does a winter wedding have that its summer equivalent does not? Rich colours, heavy textures and a soft glow created by the subtlety of the ambient lighting. Take a look for yourself, check out these pictures and see if you can gather inspiration for your own winter styling.


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Winter Wedding Floer Styling-1 Winter Wedding Floer Styling-2 Winter Wedding Floer Styling-4 Winter Wedding Floer Styling-5 Winter Wedding Floer Styling-6 Winter Wedding Floer Styling-7 Winter Wedding Floer Styling-9 Winter Wedding Floer Styling-11 Winter Wedding Floer Styling-12 Winter Wedding Floer Styling-14 Winter Wedding Floer Styling-15 Winter Wedding Floer Styling-18


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