Heidi & Matt’s Autumnal City Centre Wedding – The Bristol Hotel

Heidi & Matt-266

Held on a Friday in October at the city centre hotel, ‘The Bristol’, this wedding was a refreshing contrast to the 9 -5 daily grind taking place beyond the hotel walls.

This could have been a pretty trippy wedding really. Held on Friday the 30th October, the day before Halloween, the wedding guests weren’t the only people to be making an effort to get into costume. Every time I ventured out of the hotel to take location shots, photographs of the rings or couple portraits, I was greeted by office workers casually walking the streets dresses as, vampires, zombies or other Halloween characters.

Inside the venue things were a little less spooky as the bride and groom married in front of friends and family gathered to see this well suited couple tie the knot. And that’s where most of the wedding stayed – inside. There were a whole host of reasons for keeping the wedding indoors, such as the weather and lack of light but the main reason was simply that the bride & groom wanted to stay inside.

As a wedding photographer, that’s the most important thing, to do what the bride and groom want. If it was up to me I would have taken the couple for some portraits of the two of them alone but they didn’t want to be away from their guests for too long. So apart from a brief five minutes outside this was very much a wedding with four walls and a ceiling.

A lot of photographers will try and shape the day to suit there own portfolio but my approach to shooting a wedding is to make sure that the bride and groom get what they want from their day and their photographs, which I like to get to know you and what you want well in advance of your wedding.


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