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So here’s a little practical advice for those of you trying to decide if you should buy your wine from the venue or go BYO.


As a wedding photographer and having planned my own wedding (well, co-planned!) this is a decision that I’m very familiar with. The reason for going with the ‘bring your own’ option is probably motivated by your love of wine and a desire to drink something specific on your wedding day. Your reason for going BYO, is almost certainly NOT because you want to save money because the corkage fees are often pretty hefty.


At around £20 per bottle for the cost of corkage, it’s unlikely that you’ll be making a saving on the cost per bottle. Twenty quid is probably the cost for an entry-level wine so this is typically a ‘win/win’ scenario for the venue. That’s why it’s good to find out the corkage cost before you pay a deposit for the venue so that you can negotiate a deal before booking.

This probably isn’t going to be a deal breaker but if you can negotiate a lower corkage cost then you’ll be able to afford a better photographer, more flowers, or whatever else you might have otherwise had to compromise to keep your wedding within the budget.


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