Photographing the pretty wedding nick-nacks

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There was a time when wedding photography simply consisted of photographing the bride and groom with their guests outside a church – the group shots.


Today, wedding photography is about telling the story of the day and part of that story is all the little details that play their part in showing how all of your planning and attention to detail have contributing to making your wedding such a stylish affair.


Admittedly, these details are probably more memorable for the bride and groom. When people look through a guests wedding album on Facebook they’ll be expecting to see the happy couple posing for the camera. Wedding guests will want to see themselves, their friends and family looking fantastic in their Sunday best, set against a sunny backdrop but it’s your wedding and your memories. Besides, Once people see how beautiful the pictures of the pretty little things are, I’m sure that they’ll be impressed.


Your wedding album will look so much better for including the details of the day. ALL the details of the day. It’s these details that help carry the story of the wedding day, they’re more than filler images they’ll drive the narrative. Your album will follow the format of the day, page by page. Bridal preparation will be followed by a car journey to church, father and bride walking arm in arm down the aisle and so on.


Of course you could just include images of the bride getting ready, and the groom waiting at the alter but if you include images of the wedding bits and bobs your album will look so more richer – a complete book.

Don’t worry these pictures of ‘things’ doesn’t mean you’ll end up with few pictures of people. I’ll work my socks off so you get loads and loads of pictures of the people and the stuff.


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