Five questions to ask before hiring a wedding caterer


Five questions to ask before hiring a wedding caterer-2

Having planned my own wedding, blogging at and attending a fair few weddings as a wedding photographer, there are a few things I can offer some insight into and caters are one of those ‘things’.


There’s a lot more to hiring a caterer for your wedding than attending a tasting and checking the price. Here are five things that you should consider to help choose your caterer.



1. Geographic Coverage

I know this sounds obvious but you should definitely check to see how far your caters are willing to travel before you start speaking to them about your wedding. I’m sure you’ll find out pretty quickly that your caterers aren’t prepared to travel from Bristol to Birmingham but make sure this is one of the first questions you ask, to save yourself a lot of wasted phone calls and emails.


2. Experience

Experience isn’t everything but it’s pretty important when it comes to successfully catering for a large group of people. It’s so easy to get carried away with all the exciting menu options without asking the question, have you done this before? Cooking a killer dish is no match for providing three course meals for hundreds of people.


3. What’s included in the cost?

To avoid any nasty surprises or additional costs you should check exactly what’s included in the price. Do the caterers supply champagne for the toasts or how many canapés are supplied per person? This is stuff you need to know.


Five questions to ask before hiring a wedding caterer-1


4. Dietary Requirements

It’s important to know how flexible the wedding caterers are at accommodating, vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, coeliacs and any other dietary requirements that you might need to consider. Look past their signature dish to avoid leaving some of your friends, feasting on alphabetti spaghetti.


5. Planning

How much consultation time will the caterer offer you? It’s easy to forget that yours isn’t the only wedding in the calendar but you should be able to have the opportunity to keep in touch with the caterer. Your wedding cater (or any other supplier) should be available to advise and accommodate any questions before your wedding day.