How to pick a wedding photographer

Check out this advice video for It’s a short video (under 2 minutes) in which I discuss how to choose a wedding photographer using the principle of the 4 Ps, which I have discussed in written form in a previous blog post.

Even if you have read the previous post, this is definitely worth a look for a starting point when searching for a photographer.





Hi this is Paul from T-shor-now Photography. This video is for Off To Wed, it’s an advice video on how to pick a photographer using four simple principles and that is the four Ps, so; price, pictures, personality and problem solving.


As a rule of thumb, I would pick your wedding photographer based on 10% of your overall budget. So your wedding photographer should amount to two grand if it’s a £20,000 wedding, £1,000 if it’s a £10,000 wedding.


The second P is the all-important pictures. Of course you want to pick somebody that’s within your budget but you’ve got to like their photography, goes without saying. Go and have a look at their work, their albums, their wedding albums. Look on their website, look on their blog. Just take some time and have a look through those pictures to see what you really think of them.


Third P, personality. You’ve got to make sure that you get on with your wedding photographer. It’s really important to meet your photographer, if you can’t meet them have a Skype call, speak to them on the telephone and just get a feel for what they’re about.


Forth P, problem solving. Really important because it’s part of the creative process. Yu want somebody to come in and work out how to achieve those special, perfect, beautiful shots that you want. You’ll have an idea in your mind about what you want from your wedding photographs, what type of shots, what type of angles, that sort of thing. The photographer’s job is to come in and just absolutely nail it. To make some really, really beautiful images that you’re just going to say wow.


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