Cool colourful wedding photographed in Kelston between Bristol & Bath

Kelston Nr Bath Wedding Photography

So I got to photograph the first wedding at The Old Crown, Kelston and it was awesome. The bride, groom, weather and venue combined to make this an amazing wedding that was fun, colourful and cool.


Positioned between Bristol and Bath, Kelston is a picturesque village that’s super close to two cities meaning that the wedding party didn’t have to schlep it into the deepest darkest countryside and it also meant that this country pub had a sense of city style and efficiency, so the day was a happy affair from start to finish.


But I’m getting ahead of myself here, the reception was held in a tipi in the garden of this trendy gastro boozer but the wedding and the preparations were held in Hanham, Bristol. With half the wedding guests travelling down from Stoke there seemed to be a bit of a holiday vibe amongst the groom and his boys as they got ready, stopping off at another pub on the way to church. The girls were in equally high spirits as all the bridesmaids helped to get the bride ready for a day that she was clearly going to enjoy from the start.

Kelston-Nr-Bath-Wedding-Photography-269 Kelston-Nr-Bath-Wedding-Photography-894

When you look through these pictures you’ll notice lots of smiles, an abundance of colour and energy. Things to look out for are the wedding car, and the flowers, which were both DIY efforts and a good effort at that. Okay, calling the car ‘DIY’ might be stretching the truth a little but you’ll see what I mean – rather than hiring a big silver Rolls Royce the couple hitched a couple of rides from friends. Turning up in a lovely comfortable Landrover before swapping comfort for retro style by jumping into the back of a classic green mini that had been lovingly restored by a pal – recently restored, the paint was only just dry.


The flowers looked really cool but give a glimpse into the challenge faced when making your own flowers. It didn’t really affect the bride but the friend that volunteered to create the floral accessories completely cleaned out her garden of flowers. To make sure that she had enough, she found herself knocking on stranger’s doors, secateurs in hand begging for hydrangeas. It was worth it. Looking through this wedding, I’m sure you’ll agree that it looks perfect.

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