Alternative group shots that don’t suck


So what are your thoughts about the wedding group shots? They can be a little bit boring and suck in comparison to the rest of the wedding photographs, right? ‘Can be boring’ – but they don’t have to be.


When hiring a creative or alternative photographer, you’re probably looking for super exciting images that are going to knock your socks off when you see them. However, there are a number traditional shots that you need to tick off the list and the group shots are one of them, and rightly so. You’ve assembled all of your favourite people into one place to celebrate the day you get hitched to the love of your life, you don’t want to miss that photo opportunity. Cue the group shots.


There’s not a great deal that you can do to make the group shots exciting without becoming too cheesy or even ridiculous. Rule one is to leave the main group shot alone, you know the one with a hundred or so people standing smiling at the camera. The smaller group shots however, you can have a little bit more fun with and possibly create some alternative group shots. Nothing too daring just getting rid of the traditional ‘people standing in a line’, to make things a bit more interesting. Don’t go too wacky though still keeping things tasteful but freshen them up if possible.


It isn’t always possible to do something different because you don’t want to spend your whole wedding day posing for pictures but if this is something that you think you’d like let me know and I’ll make it happen.



What I don’t do

I don’t get people to jump in the air or anything like that. Anything that might make people feel awkward or cause an injury is off the menu. Having said that if you really want a jumping shot I will take it for you, it’s your wedding after all!


What I won’t do

DINOSAURS. I don’t super impose dinosaurs into the background of the group shots.  I never ever do this and you’ll thank me for it one day. There will come a time when all those couples that have super imposed a dinosaur into their wedding photographs will look back at their album and wonder what they were thinking. It’s a bit like the fashion equivalent of wearing crocs to a party. It should never happen.


What I will do

Anything you like apart from the dinosaur thing. Lets have a chat and talk about what you want from your wedding photographs but remember, the longer you spend on the group shots the less time you’ll have to spend partying. So keep it simple and sometimes a line is the quickest and easiest solution.


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So if you need a photographer and like what I do get in touch to check my availability.


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