Beautiful Wedding Photographs at Bristol’s Clifton College


Italian boy meets British girl, they fall in love in London, move to Milan and get married in Bristol. Everything about this wedding was great the couple were delightful, their guests were cool and the venue, Clifton College was perfect. Although it is a bit of a shame for me that Caroline and Max decided to get married in Bristol – I would have loved to have photographed this wedding in Italy!


The day started with some relaxed bridal preparations at Caroline’s family home with the groom’s family staying in the basement flat, everybody was having fun and getting excited about the wedding. The excitement grew from these early moments, the bride and groom had organised a couple of busses to transport the guests from Clifton College to the church and back again. This was such a nice touch, with half the wedding consisting of Italian tourists, what better way to get them to the church on time than in a red London bus and an open top sightseeing bus.




So by the time the guests arrived at the church everybody was already in high spirits. The groom didn’t show any signs of nerves and when the bride arrived she was cool as a cucumber. If she was nervous, she wasn’t showing it. Although if I was a bride wearing a stunning Anna Maier dress (From The Mews Clifton) I’d probably be feeling pretty cool about walking down the aisle too – she looked absolutely stunning.




The tone for the day was set, everything went like clockwork, a stop at the Clifton Suspension Bridge and a little walk around the Avon Gorge for some couple portraits to complement the candid photographs and group shots captured during the day helped me to record the story of an amazing wedding that was a pleasure to photograph. And I’m so pleased with the way that this wedding turned out that I wouldn’t trade it for a million trips to Italy.


I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a great looking wedding that the bride and groom should be very proud of.

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If you like what you see and want me to photograph your wedding, I’d love to hear from you so get in touch to check my availability.


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