Photographing Wedding Crashers


Nobody wants a wedding crasher. Hell let’s face it you might not even want some of the invited guests – Uncle Tony, your dad’s childhood buddies or your boss! However, as difficult as you might find it to cause a social uproar by uninviting the unwanted extended family, crashing a wedding is infinitely more challenging. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson aside, it’s practically impossible to get yourself a seat at the wedding breakfast.


The more private your wedding the easier it is to avoid unwanted guests but even if you don’t suffer ‘wedding crashers’ you might actually encounter some ‘randoms’ during the day. So if you have picked a secluded wedding venue or you’ve hired a venue as exclusive use you’re more likely to avoid having strange faces popping up in the wedding pictures.


So as a photographer, how do I approach the random wedding crashers? If I’m asked to shoot a wedding at venue such as a hotel that doesn’t offer exclusive use it’s hard – but that’s my problem to solve. Between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast and during other intervals the wedding party might find themselves in the communal bar so I have to work really hard to identify the actual guests to make sure that I’m not including strangers in the wedding photographs. My style helps in this situation too. Because I like to thrown the background out of focus it means that if there are ‘other people’ in the background, they become unrecognisable.


Luckily most of my weddings are tend to be at exclusive use venues so it’s uncommon for me to negotiate this challenge but no matter where the wedding is being held there’s always a good chance of encountering a strange moment or some uninvited peeps. In this situation I do what a photographer does best, I photograph it. Whether it’s a digger, horse and jockey or simply a well-wisher, I take the photograph. I’m sure that none of these pictures will make it into the album or win me the best wedding photographer award but I might as well capture the moment, it was all part of the day and rather than stand around and do nothing I’ll capture every memory, even the slightly surreal ones.


Wedding Crashers

These tourists must have loved getting a bride shot at the Clifton Suspension Bridge


Tourists at the Bristol Bridge

Wedding Crashers

This guy interrupted his phone call to complement the brides

Wedding Crashers

This is what you get when you wed in the sticks – a horse!

Wedding Crashers

Groom’s prep was halted for a couple to pose in front of a Honda Accorrd



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