Photographing A Mini Wedding Adventure


One of the cool things about photographing weddings is seeing the interesting ideas that brides and grooms have, from interesting venues to crazy DIY shizzle. Whether shooting a wedding at home in Bristol or travelling along the M4 or M5 I usually see something that I love.


On the subject of travel, I’m not particularly a car person but I have to admit that I’ve loved some of the wedding cars that I’ve seen, shiny old rollers, double decker busses and vintage jags all have their own unique charm as do all the other wed-mobiles that I’ve photographed. But I wanted to say a massive hurrah to the classic mini that I photographed at a wedding this year. Carrying the bride and groom to their venue on the outskirts of Bath this lovely little car was a real show-stopper.


You’ve got to hand it to the bride and groom for picking this tiny British Icon. Rather than taking the traditional route of a Fancy Dan wedding carriage, not only did they choose something that was fun and unconventional they were pretty brave too. I don’t mean brave for trying something that might cause their parents or guests to disapprove. They were brave because the classic mini really is, well… mini.


You might have forgotten how small theses cars are because you don’t see them around very often. Mini’s were small cars built in an era of small cars. So the first challenge of married life was for Mr & Mrs B to figure out how to squeeze into the back of their wedding car (and worry about getting out later). Once inside the realisation probably dawned on them that this was a car built before air conditioning, sheesh it felt hot standing next to it.


And do you know what, they didn’t care one bit. Instead of clambering out looking squashed, hot and sweaty, they emerged with smiles on their faces and some cool wedding car photographs. When their grand kids look back at their wedding album they’ll get a sense about nanny and pappy, that they had fun and did things their own (stylish) way.


So cheers to the little green wedding mobile and the bride & groom that travelled in her.


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