Smoking Wedding Photography


I’m not saying that smoking is cool, it’s definitely not cool kids. BUT. I do love a photograph of someone smoking a pipe.

Lots of grooms want their wedding photographs to feature them smoking cigars with their best man and ushers. Again smoking isn’t cool but there’s a certain charm to these pictures. However, the ultimate smoking wedding photograph has to be the man with the pipe in his mouth though right. It doesn’t matter what type of guy it is, the pipe makes the images more interesting.


Having said that the pipe smokers usually fall in to a couple of categories, the hipster wedding guest, big beard, impressive style finished off with a pipe. The other is the gentleman that’s been smoking a pipe for life. The father of the bride, who knows  how to rock a pipe is equally as cool as the hipster wedding dude, no doubt about it.


What I love about these wedding photographs of these two pipe smoking heroes below is the moments that were captured. Unlike the cigar shots, you don’t get any warning that the fellas are lighting up so you have to spot them to get the shot. Before the wedding the groom will tell me that he’d like a shot of him and his ‘boys’ chomping on their Cubans. The pipe guys however just light up and quietly puff away.


As a wedding photographer you spend the day looking for moments to capture. Natural, spontaneous events to record and share with the bride and groom. So when I see something happening that looks interesting it gives me a real buzz. Knowing that the bride, groom and the guests being photographed will love the picture. And that’s one of the things that I love about these images, I saw the moment and photographed it, twice. As well as being cool pictures the images capture the personalities of the people in them.


The lesson here is that as well as taking pretty pictures wedding photography is about capturing spontaneous moments and personalities.


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