Photographing intimate wedding moments – hold hands


When photographing a wedding I’m constantly thinking about how the pictures will tell the story of the day and how they will sit in an album. This means that all the little things like holding hands are so important. Especially when it comes to producing the album, the details provide an essential juxtaposition against all the images of people. The details set the scene for that specific moment in the day.


Holding hands sets the tone of any wedding. Once you’ve stripped back all the stuff that comes with a wedding you’re left with two people that love each other, right. Yea, yea a wedding is an awesome party and all that but I think it’s important to capture the romance of the occasion. And it’s doubly important to capture it without being too cheesy.


That’s where this shot comes in. This photograph of just the bride and groom’s hands is the perfect reflection of a romantic moment. It isn’t always about two lovers gazing into one another’s eyes or watching husband and wife walk into the sunset. This moment where two hands meet, skin touching seconds before fingers intertwine is just so intimate.


Unlike the ‘you may now kiss the bride’ moment holding hands signifies something more personal. It’s a private moment between two people, it’s not an overtly public display of affection, it’s much more subtle than a kiss. There’s even a bit of science involved too – holding hands and the act of physical touch releases the hormone Oxytocin, which stimulates feelings of trust and bonding. So you see this isn’t just a pretty picture of two hands and their wedding rings it’s a symbol of connection and its purpose is to tell your wedding story.


Not every wedding is the same so there isn’t a ‘hand shot’ in every wedding I shoot but there will be similarly interesting, personal and romantic photographs that tell the wedding story but what those images are depends on the personality of the couple, the occasion and the happenings throughout the day.


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