How to Catch the Wedding Bouquet



Being a wedding photographer I’ve seen a lot of bouquets tossed, a lot of bouquets caught and a lot of them dropped.


The other thing you tend to see as a wedding photographer is the same people. Because brides recommend you to their friends I often see the bride from one wedding popping up as the bridesmaid at another wedding. Some of the same guests will be invited so you spot the same faces at different weddings – different weddings in Bristol , Bath London or wherever will have the same cast playing different characters.


What you don’t often see is the same girl catching the bouquet at different weddings. Well I did and it was amazing. Not only was I surprised, so was she. It’s the only time I’ve seen or heard of one girl catch to bridal bouquets at two separate wedding. My first thought was that she must practice, but judging by her reaction it was a complete surprise to her too. But she was obviously getting something right, so here are my tips on how to catch the bouquet every time at a wedding – until you get hitched yourself and then leave it to somebody else.




Stay focussed, keep your eyes on the bouquet and block out everything around you, even if it does mean stepping on the other girls, they won’t feel the pain after a few glasses of prosecco anyway.



Stay calm and while the other girls start moving for position as soon as the bride moves her arms, wait until the flowers are in the air. Then you can work out from the trajectory and speed of travel, where the flowers will land.


Kick of your shoes

To be honest if you’ve got a good hand eye coordination then you’re probably in with a good shout of catching the bouquet but the thing that’s going to give you your extra edge in the race for the flowers, mobility. So kick of your stilettos and you’re in with a chance. Even if you’ve got terrible coordination, take your shoes off, nobody wants to deal with a broken ankle on a wedding day.


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