The Bristol Registry Office is a great place for a wedding


The Bristol Registry Office is a great place for a wedding. One of the reasons is because of its central location in the heart of Bristol. Surrounded by bath stone buildings and close to Castle Park it’s got some lovely, lovely backdrops on offer immediately after the wedding ceremony.

I photographed an awesome same sex wedding at Bristol Registry office last year and I loved it. The venue itself is hard work for a photographer because it’s quite dark, not much natural light filters into the room that I was photographing but that just means I had to work harder to make the photographs look great.

Once we were outside it was game on. The sun was out and it was photo o’clock. Group shots on the steps of the registry office before a short walk through the streets of Bristol and into Castle Park to take a couple more group shots. Unlike the more secluded wedding venues (which I also love BTW) the couple shots of these two brides were filled with energy.

One of the lovely things about this Saturday wedding at the Bristol Registry Office was that it was the last wedding of the day which meant it didn’t feel like a conveyor belt with the next wedding arriving as we were leaving. This happens at so many wedding venues, as you filter out of the doors on the Sunday morning the day after you got hitched, the venue will be busily turning the place around ready for the next couple. With a registry office this can be exaggerated with other brides and grooms filtering through the doors on the same day. So if you are thinking of getting married at a registry office, try and book the last slot of the day.

Having said all of that, you would probably still have time for group shots on the steps but you could also pop across to the park just across the street which presents some pretty backdrops too.

Check out the photos for yourself to see what you think.


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