Wedding Seasons – When Will You Get Married?

If you’ve planning your wedding and trying to pick a date think about the season too.


Most people think about a sunny summer wedding, forgetting that fact it rains a lot in Britain. Those people that realise that the summer wedding is loaded with emotion and stress opt for a winter wedding to avoid the stress and save the cash. But don’t forget there are four seasons to consider.


One consideration for picking which season should host your wedding is the weather. As a wedding photographer, I’d recommend thinking about how your wedding will look in pictures, the colours, accessories and themes.




Spring arrives with a flourish as daylight returns and the temperatures thaw. What’s great about a spring wedding is that people’s mood will be lifted and it will probably be one of the first weddings of the year, meaning that people are excited about the first nuptial knees up of the year.


The colours are a little muted with shoots of vibrancy and the guests’ styles will be layered so expect to see jackets and longer length dresses.



Kapow, wedding season hits full swing and if the weather holds and you get a sunny day you’re in for a treat with bright colours and cocktails outside. Summer days are longer so you’ll probably end up with more photos from a summer wedding. Garden parties, barbecues and cocktails ahoy.



Not the obvious choice for a wedding, autumn offers a really beautiful range of colours as the trees shed there leaves you end up with much more variation in the colour palette, although somewhat muted. We’re entering into fire work territory here but be careful when scheduling the time of the ceremony – it gets dark early so for the lovely natural light photographs you’ll need to get hitch late morning or lunchtime to make the most of the daylight.



Now we’re feeling festive but wrap up warm, candles and opulent styling make an entrance in this final season but much like autumn, think about the available light.