Tiffany & Alastair’s Wedding Photographs

Have a look at these pictures of Tiffany & Alistair’s pictures if you’re looking for a little wedding inspiration and especially if you’re planning to get married at the same venue, Watford Grammar School forGirls.


These guys are were were super relaxed. They were pretty calm from start to finish and one of the things that I loved about this wedding is the simplicity. The bride and groom exercised great taste in everything that they choose to make their wedding day special, everything looked and felt perfect. It would have taken a lot of work to achieve this effortless elegance.


Getting married in the local family church before heading of to celebrate in the bride’s old school made everything feel comfortable and familiar too. And on arrival the school hall and it’s surrounding grounds looked stunning. A lot of thought had obviously been put into deciding what should and shouldn’t be included at the venue. It was also a perfect blank canvas too, which meant that Tiffany & Alistair could decorate with beautiful florals, pretty little fairy lights and elegant candlesticks, making their own special and very personal mark on the this lovely place.


So the people, place and setting were all great but there were challenges for me as a wedding photographer but that was due to the weather. The summer of 2017 was wet and I ended up shooting on some pretty wet weekends and this was one of them. The rain didn’t dampen the mood or affect the day but I would have loved to have used the grounds more than was possible for some couple portraits – although in someways it might have helped. One of my favourite pictures was of the couple looking down on their guests – f it hadn’t been for the rain I might not have taken the couple upstairs to the the private gallery for some bridal portraits and we might not have got the shot.


And hats off to the venue too. It’s a great place to photograph inside because of the wonderful big windows that let the daylight flood inside and we weren’t faced with harsh strip lighting either so the pictures could still look nice and natural. The textures in the hall were fantastic, with wooden floors and the well maintained building there wasn’t anything that stood out like a sore thumb or needed hiding away.


But it doesn’t stop there. Yes the it was a great bricks and mortar building but even more importantly, the staff were fantastic. I think they’re fairly new to weddings and that apart from being genuinely nice folk, that was one of their main assets. They weren’t wedding hardened and they didn’t make it feel like a commercial transaction, they made it feel like, a wedding.


Congratulations Tiffany & Alistair, your wedding was great and so are you.