Coombe Lodge Wedding Photographs

Here’s another wedding photographed at Coombe Lodge near Bristol & Bath. If you follow the link to the previous wedding you will see the difference in contrast that the weather has on a wedding and how impossible it is to predict the conditions for a British wedding.


These two weddings were shot at the same venue a week apart. This wedding was a blisteringly hot day whereas the previous Coombe Lodge wedding was warm and sunny but not to the same extent as this wedding of Katy and Scott. This wedding was harder.


The assumption is that the sunnier it is the easier it becomes for a photographer to take pictures. That isn’t true. Yes it’s easier to photograph a dry wedding but the bright sunshine is much harder to work with than your normal run of the mill sunny day. That isn’t to say that it’s impossible it just brings a new set of challenges, which I enjoy by the way.


I stayed a lot later at this wedding to capture a few extra happenings and it’s a lovely setting as the sun sets and on the whole this wedding offered a complete contrast to the couple’s pre-wedding/engagement shoot photographed on an incredibly cold day at Westonbirt Arboretum.


Another thing to note from this wedding is the back of the bride’s dress. She was particularly keen to have some of the details of the back of her dress captured so I tried to capture it in the most interesting way possible, and it really was lovely.


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