Alternative Engagement Photography – A Bristol Car Park

I’ve been dying to do a pre-wedding (engagement) shoot at a multi storey carp park for ages. The problem is that not I avoided suggesting it because there haven’t been that many couples that would have been keen on this slightly alternative photography style session at a car park. That is until I met Rosie and Toby. I knew they’d like the idea and they did.


The thing is, it’s not actually as weird as it sounds. With some of the close up portraits you wouldn’t know that the couple were even on a car park and there’s also the added bonus of the view from the top floor. That’s right once you hit the top of a multi-story car park you’ve got yourself some wonderful views of the urban landscape. However if you want to go full-car park, or as Rosie and Toby phrased it, “cinematic and kind of dystopian”, then you’ve got that too.


Most people want to play it safe and go to a park or the ground of a stately hotel, a wooded walk or the future wedding venue. And that’s cool because when it comes down to it you’ve got to love the pictures. You might also want your friends and family to love the pictures too, and that’s why you choose the safe option. My advice when choosing a place to have your engagement shoot is to be like this couple and pick somewhere that you feel is memorable and will feel special or unique to you.

Anyway, have a look at these pictures, they’re amazing. I love them and not just set in a car park because the couple look great together. They really made the most of their pre-wed shoot and they’ll benefit from it on the wedding day.


If you’d like to see more then have a look through my wedding portfolio or follow me on Instagram. And if you’re wondering where the car park is, it’s the Trenchard NCP in Bristol.