What do you need to know when choosing a wedding venue

For most people getting married is new territory and can often be more stressful because you’ve never done it before and you’re scared to get it wrong and. From buying a dress to selecting a photographer, there’s so much to think about and searching for a venue is no different. So what do you need to know when choosing a wedding venue?


Hopefully these 12 pointers will help get you to chose the right venue for your wedding.


What are your priorities?

The first thing to do is to decide what’s most important to you and make a list of priorities. Create two columns, one for the must haves and another for the things that it would be nice to have. Decide what the most important things are and make sure that you can tick off to make your initial short list.




Does size matter to you? Are you set on the number of guests that you want to invite to the wedding. If so you need to make sure that the venue can accommodate that number of guests. If so, you should find out before you even go and visit the venue.



You’ve probably already set a wedding budget and allocated some of that budget to your venue. The venue can often account for 20 – 30% but along with the dress and wedding photography, the venue is one of the most important parts of the wedding.




How far are you willing to travel and how far do you expect your guests to travel? Most of the people that you care about are prepared to travel but if your wedding is too far away you it will add the effort involved with visiting before the wedding, setting up on the day and any other planning or prep that you need to do.




How much effort are you prepared to put in to the venue? Do you want to pick somewhere with beautiful architecture and great interiors so that you don’t have to do much to style the venue or would you prefer to personalise the hell out of the place. Remember that putting your own stamp on the venue will take a lot of work but it means that it will be unique to you.



Speaking of styling, have a think about the style you want so that you can eliminate some venues before making the effort to go and see them. Instagram and Pinterest are your friends here.



Visits and Viewings

Try and go back to the venue a couple of times (or more) before paying a deposite. You’ll sometimes feel rushed into making a decision because you’re competing with other couples will also want the same venue on the same date. Don’t panic buy your venue, have more than one viewing to make sure that this is the perfect venue for you.


Hidden Costs

Figure out all of the costs, what extras will be added to the initial cost to hire the venue. Corkage can be a killer if you’re supplying you’re own wine and things like chair covers, table costs and dance floors are just some of the things you might pay extra for.




By the time you have a tasting with a venue you will have already paid a deposit and might even have sent out invitations so make sure that the food is up to scratch. Book a table and try before you buy or checkout reviews to make sure the catering is as impressive as the building itself.


Wether Proof

The venue might be the most amazing spot for alfresco dining and an outdoor ceremony but what if the rain poors and the wind hows? Make sure that the inside plan B is a good alternative.



Photography Friendly

How light is the venue, is there enough natural light for a photographer to be able to capture those beautiful natural photographs? And is there space for a photographer to move around unnoticed, capturing the candid moments.



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