Wedding Beards

I recently stumbled upon one of my older wedding photographs (shot in 2015), featuring this hipster wedding beard and it inspired me to rattle off a blog posts about facial hair on the wedding day.


You might recognise this picture from a previous blog post about pipes (smoking wedding photography), two hipster medals of honour, pipes and beards. I probably just need a post about brewing coffee and craft beer and I’ll have hipster bingo – house! But I thought it would be a useful discussion. This is often a hotly debated topic when it comes to deciding if the groom should shave or keep his beard.


There are very few positions within the beard spectrum between clean shaven and great big bushy beard that can qualify for an appearance at a wedding; clean shaven for the traditional ‘smart look’, designer stubble for those that want to get away from looking like a child without the commitment of a beard or a full on groomed beard. Anything else should really be ignored, the chin strap should be a never ever in any circumstance, not at a wedding not in real life, never. The goatee is a pretty niche choice that’s either a bit rock n roll but more often than not, night club bouncer. And if you’re already sporting a moustache then there’s probably little likely hood that you’ll do anything to get rid of that hairy slug right? Just remember there’s good moustache and bad tash. The good version is probably somewhere closer to the beardtache, with stubble or a shorter beard keeping the under nose hair company. Bad tash is more of a Tom Selleck, ‘Three Men and a Baby’ type of abomination.


The key to any wedding day facial hair, it should be goomed, just make sure that it doesn’t look to wayward or dishevelled and you’ll be fine. If you have a beard but feel like you should shave it off for the wedding for god’s sake don’t do it. You might look smart (in a traditional sense) but hell, you”l look weird to everybody that knows you and is use to seeing half your head hidden behind the hair. Nobody wants to see your tiny chin and you’ll scare the children. Just give it a trim and keep it tidy.



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