Wedding Photography – Intimacy

Wedding Photography – Intimacy


This wedding photograph was taken in Bristol but it could have been shot anywhere, London, Paris, Doncaster. It was shot in a really pretty part of Clifton, which is a pretty part of Bristol but again it doesn’t matter because the background doesn’t feature. what features in this photograph is the couple and their shared intimacy.


When you look at this moment you see what looks like a private people in love on their wedding day. And that’s what it was, despite having me their wedding photographer standing on tiptoes to get the perfect angle. So when you have your couple portraits taken at your wedding you should aim for intimacy too.


Forget those dreadful shots of the bride and groom pulling faces at each other across a balcony. And avoid those awkward photographs where one of the couple pops out from behind a tree because they’re bad. Very, very bad. The photographer that asks you to pose like this just doesn’t get it. He or she doesn’t understand what a couple portrait represents. It represents two people and their relationship with one another. It doesn’t have to be steamy and it doesn’t need to be forced, a couple portrait should exhibit a closeness and a connection. In this wedding photograph the couple are physically close to one another and the kiss on the cheek is less obvious than a kiss on the lips, which is so powerful.


Not every shot needs to be quite as close as this, tightly cropped and all about the detail. You will want some variation, I’m also really fond of wide shots where the couple are shot from distance too but there has to be  balance and that balance should be weighted towards intimacy.



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