Long Exposure Wedding Photography Loco Klub Bristol

Long exposure wedding photograph

Check out this long exposure wedding photograph taken at Loco Klub, Bristol. I’m not usually a fan of a long exposure but for this wedding it felt right and I’ll explain why.

The wedding was cool, fairly alternative in the sense that the bride and groom weren’t prepared to be taken prisoner by tradition. Because of that they’re hired an underground arts venue to hold the reception. By underground, I mean in all senses. It’s not your run of the mill event space or club, they do some really interesting things at this place and it’s situated in the railway tunnels bet heath Bristol’s Temple Meads Station – underground!

As you can image subterranean photography has its limitations when it comes to using natural light. There isn’t any. So as a photographer I was relying on my flash to light the pictures.

Photographing with a flash comes with it’s own challenges; some technical obstacles that need navigating to stay creative but above all bursts of light in a dark intimate space can be a bit distracting.

And that’s where the long exposure came in. The bride was prepared to twirl of that lovely red bar sign so there we have it.

Overall, I’m happy with this shot.

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