Real Wedding Photographs – Rosie & Toby

Rosie & Toby are cool, so was there wedding and so were their wedding photographs but when I describe this as an underground wedding I mean it in a very real sense. After getting hitched the wedding party ended up at one of Bristol’s subterranean party venues, The loco Klub.

This blank canvas of an industrial railway arch was styled into a not so typical wedding reception. This is how you have the wedding you want, you DIY the hell out of it. Not with the standard vintage bikes, knackered old typewriters and 6ft letters spelling the word ‘Love’. Oh no, these guys drafted in their own furniture, bought some neon lights and painted up a bunch of wooden panels and it looked epic.

By now you’ve probably guessed it, the catering was of their own style too. A street food van serving fancy kebabs also helped to feed their guests and then there was the cake – well actually there wasn’t. There was no cake. In it’s place were some outstanding doughnuts so there was no need to follow one of the stranger wedding traditions of cutting the cake because the wedding folks just got stuck in.

What was great about all these elements were their personality. The bride and groom didn’t just want to do what other couples before had done. Nor did they seem to set out to be deliberately different. They didn’t avoid doing things because they were too traditional or wedding. They just did what they wanted and there was something for everyone.

Have a look through this collection of wedding photographs and you will see the more conventional details within the moments of Rosie & Toby’s choosing. The boat trip, the walk through the park, the registry office and the bridal prep and even The Loco Klub all look like a typical wedding but when you scratch beneath the surface you see something different.

You see a very personal wedding that suited this lovely couple and happy their guests. And if you could look behind the lens you’d also see a happy me because this was a fun wedding to photograph.